Monday, January 16, 2012

DIY Bushbuddy

Really like those Bushbuddy stoves you see on a lot of hiking videos but have you seen the price on those things? Over $100 bucks, great looking stoves but way to rich for my blood. Any way here is my attempt at making something to get by as a substitute for a lot less money.

So here is what she looks like all closed up and ready for transport.

Here it is with the two cans pulled apart so you can see the holes drilled for air. Can on left is a quart paint can from hardware store and the can on right is Progresso soup can. Both cans have 3/8" holes drilled around bottom. Inside can also has 1/8" holes around top and very bottom.

Upside down, you can see 1/8" holes in bottom of soup can.

With the bottom of paint can removed you can place soup can inside and push it onto the rim of paint can, fits very snug. I was able to tap it on with hammer to make good seal and not fall off.

Turned back right side up this is how it should look with no gap visible between cans.

I had some hardware cloth laying around so I used this for making a pot stand. Notice hole in screen for feeding more sticks. And there you have it ready to take out and fire up.

Here it is fired up. Hey it works!

Now to heat up some coffee water.

Well it does work and I did get water to boil eventually. With a lot of replenishing sticks and having to blow through the bottom holes a few times to get it going good again. I did not time it but it seemed to take quite awhile. Don't know if I didn't have good enough fire going before I put water on or maybe to wide of a profile on container. I do need to get a metal coffee cup, maybe smaller, or better still a small pot with lid and let fire go longer and see if I have better results. We shall see with a few more attempts if things improve or if it's back to the drawing board. If nothing else it was fun to build and try out.

Oh, and did I mention total cost with paint can and soup............$5 bucks.

Watch your top knot.:-)



  1. I love a diy project when it comes to bushcraft. There are so many items of kit you can throw together using stuff you would normally chuck away. Great to see the Swedish army trangia pan lid on the stove there. Great article !